Turbo Ventilator

IETC manufactures and supplies the best quality Turbo Ventilators in the market. The Turbo Ventilators acts at the air exhauster. The ventilators are made from good grade raw materials as per the industrial recommendations. Exhausters can withstand any seasonal changes. The product is designed in such a way that it does not permit rainwater into the building through its ventilation system. The ventilation system makes the customer comfortable to work in high temperature producing industries. The smoke and dust particles produced in the industries end up harming the human. Extracting the formed polluted air is difficult in large industries. Thus it is mandatory to install ventilation to make the working environment safer.

IETC produces the high durable turbo ventilators that can be installed in any roofing sheet. The products are designed to remove the polluted air within a very short time. The ventilators are strongly boulted to hold the external high airspeed. IETC Turbo ventilators ventilate the internal air at more faster when compared to other products. Turbo ventilation can be installed at any industry and it serves the same purpose. The roof ventilator has high industrial efficiency and the system is a One Time Installation and it requires zero maintenance.

Features Of Wind Turbine Ventilators:

Fireproof and waterproof

Environmental friendly

Zero Maintenance

Robust and Durable

Light weight

Cost effective

The wind-driven roof ventilators help to reduce heat, moisture and ensure proper circulation of air at:



Enclosed Markets

Commercial Buildings



Shopping Malls

Function Halls

Food and Pharmaceutical industry

Manufacturing Units etc

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