Pre Engineered Building System

IETC manufactures pre-engineered building materials with higher durability. The PEB is fabricated with high strength and good grade raw materials. The PEB Structures are designed to withstand heavy weight loads without any defects. The beams and columns used in the building are subjected to high tensile strength tests to ensure the product strength. The structures resist high wind speed and structural frames are jointed with bolts and nuts. Same steel raw materials are used in fabricating the structural components from small-sized dimensions to large-sized dimensions.

The columns in the structures are placed in a long span and the beams connecting the columns are designed and fabricated to have strong support without any lateral expansion. The structural components are manufactured with the pre-tensions to carry the loads when subjected to concrete structures. The pre-engineered building components are manufactured in the factory with customized and standard sizes to accommodate the availability of land space and customer needs.

The Pre-Engineered Building structures are the precast components that are manufactured in the factory, transported to the site location and the structures are mantled to build the designed structure. The installation time of the manufactured structures are built within a short time period and the frames can be mantled and disassembled easily. IETC uses high-grade concrete to build a strong foundation, ground level and other concrete structures. The high strength rods are used in connecting the roofing sheets with the column and beams. Paints used in the fabricates have higher durability and does not fade away when exposed to sunlight. Seasonal changes do not affect the structural functions of the building. Fabricated structures are designed to give a good aesthetic appearance to the building without any structural strength alterations.

Factory buildings


Production Units

Office buildings


Community Halls



Textiles Dying & Weaving Units

Spinning Mills


Function Halls

Aircraft Hangars

Metro Stations

Shopping Malls

Solar Farm

We at IETC provide these Pre Engineered Steel Building Structures with a variety of structural and non-structural additions based on the customer's specific requirements. We provide skylights, wall lights, turbo vents, doors & windows, trusses, fascias, colour coated roof sheets etc.

Advantages Of Using Our Pre Engineered Building Structures:

Economic & Cost Effective

Factory Controlled Quality



Flexibility in expanding

Environmentally friendly

Faster Installation

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