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Benefits of Pre Engineered Building Systems

Posted By IETC on October 15, 2014 in Blogs

Pre-engineered building systems are the best source for construction of a building with the help of roofing sheets, fittings and panels. This is the easiest technique to construct a building when compared to the traditional way of construction. In the traditional manner it takes a very long time and it may not be suitable for all commercial purposes.

In pre-engineered systems, the total process consists of a main frame, panels, padding, ceiling, doors, windows and flooring. Main frame of a building works as backbone as it is efficient and plays a vital role in all harsh weather conditions and the entire process depends on it. Panels are the pillars which supports the roof so as to be strong enough and also help in partitioning the area according to business requirement without any extra effort.

Ceiling plays another vital role. It protects the goods inside the building from all climatic conditions. Doors and windows are also important as they play the role of enter and exit and for ventilation inside the building. Finally flooring must be beautiful and attractive when it comes to organisations and restaurants

When it comes to benefits of pre-engineered building system, this process saves a lot of time, as it is purely an assembling process, where all the required material comes from different sections of roofing industries. It is a cost efficient technique where the usage of sand, cement and water is not required. It takes hardly few days for constructional process excluding other finishing works like doors, windows and flooring. Labour involved will also be less which in turn results in cost reduction to the owner. After construction, the availability of the area will be comparatively large when compared to the traditional process. Some more reasons for pre-engineered building systems are that it is durable, environment friendly, corrosion resistant, stable in harsh conditions, spacious and for future business expansion and it is an easy extension.

When it comes to applications this technique is used in places like warehouses, garages, workshops, car parks, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, auditoriums and wedding halls.

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