Pre Engineered Building System

IETC, the leading PEB Manufacturers in the industry, is proficient in manufacturing and delivering tailormade structural requirements. The prefab structures are designed to meet conventional and modest building design requirements. Every component is assembled to construct a single-unit structure is chosen with special care to extend the serviceability of the building. IETC ensures the durability of the Pre-Engineered Building Structure by constructing the structure with the required technical properties. Therefore, every design and construction is executed with utmost precision.

IETC deploys structural engineering in every project component, enabling continuous load distribution. The steel used in the fabrication for constructing PEB Structures has high tensile strength, does not deform, and rust in the long run. The connection between the steel structural components is made strong with the bolts and nuts.

IETC practises world-class manufacturing methods to fabricate Pre-Engineered Buildings without developing any lateral expansion. Every steel component is tested under various parameters and criteria to ensure the columns and beams are designed to carry loads when connected to other structures. The thickness and dimension of the PEB are manufactured within the tolerances to elevate the operational efficiency and reliability of the building. IETC considers the indoor ambiance and aesthetics with modest structural design elements. The manufacturer has earned a reputation for constructing steel buildings with the requirements within the available plot area.

IETC, being the most trusted PEB Manufacturers & Suppliers in the industry, offers competitive leverage to the end customer by executing on-site construction within a short time for the complete installation of the steel structure. The manufacturer follows result-proven construction techniques, starting from the foundation to the complete finishing of the structure. IETC prefers the finest-grade materials in constructing pre-engineered buildings, benefiting the customer through investment optimisation. The manufacturer has excellence in manufacturing PEBs across various sectors, including warehouses, auditoriums, manufacturing facilities, and many more to list in the firm's portfolio.

The paint, components, and other construction materials preferred in steel building structures withstand the varying working conditions. Hence, there is no chance of having second thoughts. IETC has mastered the art and has a solid workforce upskilled to construct simple to complex building structures, fulfilling the requirements to the utmost possible extent.

The company has created a strong footprint in the construction industry for delivering the customer's requirements on the building's indoor and outdoor aesthetics. IETC has the potential to construct the PEB Buildings with modern elevations. The company takes futuristic requirements into account in designing and constructing. Therefore, the end customer has the benefit of expanding the building floor area when needed, spending minimal investment to preset the additional structure to be constructed. IETC takes a short time to construct, significantly compared to other manufacturers in the construction industry.

Factory buildings


Production Units

Office buildings


Community Halls



Textiles Dying & Weaving Units

Spinning Mills


Function Halls

Aircraft Hangars

Metro Stations

Shopping Malls

Solar Farm

We at IETC provide these Pre Engineered Steel Building Structures with a variety of structural and non-structural additions based on the customer's specific requirements. We provide skylights, wall lights, turbo vents, doors & windows, trusses, fascias, colour coated roof sheets etc.

Advantages Of Using Our Pre Engineered Building Structures:

Economic & Cost Effective

Factory Controlled Quality



Flexibility in expanding

Environmentally friendly

Faster Installation

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