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The Story of Roofing Industry

Posted By IETC on June 6, 2014 in Blogs

Every industry aims to advertise to attract the attention of the public in such a way that it directly desires to make a purchase of the served commodity. There are various probabilities that come into every business. Maintaining the basic goals and placing the truth drives the growth of business.

Roofing services provides terrific security and other related functions that makes any industry good and efficient.

IETC is one of the well-known roofing companies for serving various manufacturing and providing technical support to clients, thus satisfying their needs. By providing required roof sheets to different business people this company has marked its presence in various industries.

With best infrastructure the company has been successful to satisfy every clients need that are mostly required in milling, machinery and other related industries and factories. With the increasing customers in the last 20 years this company provides manufacturing products such as Pre-engineered building systems, Colour coated roofing sheets, Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Sheets, Aluminium Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheets, Roof top ventilation systems and Self-tapping screws and related other products.

The well reputed company has marked its position in the market by providing high standard of Pre-fabricated Building Products all over India. The expanding service is indulging and satisfies different needs that are required to large sectors or industries. IETC offers its products that are mostly needed in chemical, light, food, medicine and textile industries.

These product specifications come in respective shapes and sizes, quality goods, cost effective with satisfying materials. Roof provides the utmost safety in any concerned atmosphere. In this concern company brings varied roofing sheets. Roof ventilation of any industry is highly essential. Roof ventilation systems are designed by professionals that gives proper airflow to industries, Proper ventilation indulge 50% intake from under the waves and 50% exhaust securing damage of products that are stored inside industries.

Mostly screws are required in steel frame construction, roof decks and roof ventilators for fixing and fastening purposes. Company also fulfils this need as well. Accumulated with all these services the company takes care of its clients with full responsibility.

With knowledge, skill and capability every business can establish a relationship with their customers. Serving the best marks the characteristics of a company.

Unique low cost structures through advanced researched and analysis

manufactured and supplied by us are world class and are made using high quality raw materials

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