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IETC and its Products

Posted By IETC on November 4, 2014 in Blogs

IETC is one of the leading companies in the roofing industry. It is located in Tirupur, Tamil Naidu in India. Having been in the industry for two decades now, the organisation has made a mark for itself. It is a product oriented company which offers products of pre-engineered buildings. We provide products like pre-engineered building system, colour coated roofs, roof ventilation system, self-driving screws.

IETC has a vast experience in roofing products with a good image in market and with the customers. It believes in customer needs and their relative satisfaction. They always follow their norms at any cost. The organisation provides wide variety of roofing products with various features like shape, colour and length of the product. They grab opportunities from ordinary persons so as to acquire high market share, thus providing their products at reasonable prices.

IETC products are widely used at shopping malls, go-downs, garages, storage houses, warehouses, car sheds, supermarkets, restaurants and organizations. These multipurpose roofing products are corrosion resistant, moisture free and provide proper ventilation.


Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Pre-engineered building system means providing necessary planning inside the roof sheets of a building so as to support it from all weather conditions like rain, wind and heat. In general it means support to the building. With this technique an area of building can be made wide without any partitions in between. It finds applications in places like office canteens, car parking sheds, shopping malls, garages and storage houses.

Colour Coated Roofing Sheets

It is a known fact that roofs have many applications. The organization provides roofing sheets in different colours made with different kinds of materials like aluminium sheets, zinc-copper sheets and galvanised sheets. These sheets are manufactured according to customer specification requirement. Colour coated roofing sheets find application in places like restaurants, warehouses, workshops, garages, shopping malls, individual houses and offices.

Roof Ventilation System

For every closed area or building, ventilation is of utmost importance as it controls and maintains room temperature at a moderate level. The ventilation systems are corrosion resistant, moisture free and avoid damage of sensitive products like medicines, food items and metals. Anyhow these are zero maintained and easily carried.

Self-Driving Screws

Self-driving screws are of many types and look all alike, but the same screw will not fit every purpose. These screws have their own features like shape, size, length and weight. In general screws are widely used in many industries like furniture, steel and plastic industry.

IETC provides screws only for roofing sheets with a high quality at reasonable price. These screws are long lasting and dust and moisture free.

Unique low cost structures through advanced researched and analysis

manufactured and supplied by us are world class and are made using high quality raw materials

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